Although he lost his sense of sight, Ace is very talented with handling rifles. He shoots enemies by only using his other senses. He was a supreme commander of Lat El and also a good friend of Mustang, but for some reason he is now living a nomad life. He is a legendary figure in Lat El's military, and Mustang and his daughter Lucy are the only ones who know what he truly looks like.

Special Abilities

Ace is immune to Blindness.

Evolution Notes

Soulstones come from Tower of Trial so evolution speed depends entirely on your rate of success there and how often Ace's soulstones show up in the Tower shop.


Base Stars: ★★★

Primary stat: DEX

Evolution STR DEX INT
★★★ 3 6.2 2.8
★★★★ ? ? ?
★★★★★ ? ? ?


[1] Wrath of Blood [Buff]

Use your Vitality to increase your attack speed and attack power temporarily [Self ATK buff + Self VIT Debuff]

[2] Burning Bullet [Magic]

Shoot a burning bullet to give constant damage for a certain period of time [Magic Single DOT]

[3] Healing Bullet [Heal]

Heal one of your Heroes with the lowest Vitality [Single Heal]

[4] Meditation [Buff]

Physical Resistance increases as Vitality decreases. When vitality is below 70%, Ace becomes resistant to fainting and dizziness. [Self ATK buff]

Ace is a heavy-hitter, try using him in Guild Raid and Event Battle.Opinion by AzakaZero