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He grew up under the world's best sword master, Curse Lawrence. At the age of 16, he separated from the Lawrence family and became a mercenary as a living to start his journey. But he gathered a revolutionary army to fight with the corrupt royal families of The Gates Kingdom.

Evolution Notes

Slow. You obtain a base Allen when you start the game but there is only one early source of additional soulstones in hero Ch.3. The second source is in hero Ch.12.

Soulstone Sources

Chapter 3.1 A Spear of the Royal Army

Chapter 12.8 Involvement of Revolutionary Army


Base Stars:

Primary stat: STR

Evolution STR Growth DEX Growth INT Growth
3.3 1.3 2.2
★★ 5 2 3.3
★★★ 6.6 2.6 4.4
★★★★ 8.3 3.3 5.5
★★★★★ ? ? ?

Thanks to Azrell Gnear for additional numbers.


Name Type Description
1 Sword Chain Magic Throw an impactful attack to enemies to damage and stun them [Magic Area Stun]
2 Sword Wave Magic Cause impact on the ground to make enemies fly into the air [Magic Area Knock-up]
3 Sword Power Physical Widely swings a sword to give damage to the enemies [Physical Area Attack]
4 Hard Training Buff Strengthen your power [Self STR Buff]



Opinions and Tips

This guy feels weaker than other heroes, and his skills don't stand out among the crowd. I've left him behind in the upgrade race.Opinion by AzakaZero