General Info about Team and Event Battle

Arena costs no energy but you only have a maximum of 5 "chances" at any given time. You gain more chances at a rate of one per hour. You can buy more chances with crystals, the amount of chances you get is affected by your VIP level.

Daily arena rewards are sent at 21:00 (9 p.m.) every day, so you have until then to get a good rank.

Every Sunday at 21:00 the week's season ends and season rewards are sent out.

After the season ends you are sent to the bottom of the ladder and have to battle your way back to the top. You can start doing that 30 minutes after the season ends.

Don't forget to burn your arena chances in the evening after season end (on Sundays 21:30) because it's a pretty tight race back to the top on Monday (provided you sleep like a normal human). Then, on Monday, set your trees in Mystic Forest to 3 hours instead of 10. When the trees are ready you'll get a notification reminder, and when you harvest your trees you also use your Arena chances. This way your Arena chances don't hit 5 and go to waste.Tip by AzakaZero

Team Battle


Event Battle

Tier 1 Event Battle Heroes: Emma, Erin, Ethan, Lucy, Clark, Wayne
Tier 2 Event Battle Heroes: Charlotte, Moik, Ace, Skull
Everything else is tier 3 or unknown at this point.

Opinion by AzakaZero

Special League

Not yet released as of 2016-02-15.

Dark Ruins

This is a pretty straightforward mode where you pitch a team against pre-set opponents. If you clear one floor you can move on to the next and you can only beat each floor once. Battles are locked in auto mode so you can only adjust your team composition to affect the outcome.

There are 288 floors in total. You can see the loot for each floor on the Dark Ruins Rewards page.