Hero Information:

Neichel's supreme commander, who received Luna's order to send reinforcements for the Gates rebellion. She is Luna's loyal subordinate with a cold and arrogant personality. She delivers any orders without making any excuses.
She is also Yuffy's older sister. She had to take responsibility as a leader of her family because her parents passed away at an early age. Although she has a very cold personality, she loves her sister more than anything in the world. She might seem very stern to her sister, but it's only to help her sister thrive in this harsh world.

Hero Attributes:

Primary: DEX

Base Stars: ★★★

Power-Up Rating: Purple (★★★)

STR Growth Rate: 3.40

DEX Growth Rate: 5

INT Growth Rate: 4

Hero's Skills:

[1] Instant Execution [Physical]:

Throw a strong deathblow and stab the enemies [Physical Area Attack]

[2] Echoes of Swords [Heal]:

Damage enemies and heal your force with the echoes of swords [Area Stun + Team Heal]

[3] Self-Discipline [Buff]:

Increase your own Vitality [Self VIT Buff]

[4] Concentration [Buff]:

Increase your own Spell Resistance [Self SR Buff]