Dmitry banner


Dmitry is one of Rhodos' combat commanders who is the devil of greed. He likes to abuse human women and is a murderer. He doesn't have a good relationship with other commanders but shows loyalty to his king.

Special Abilities


Evolution Notes

Slow. You have to get to Hero Ch.11 and 12 to farm his soulstones. Before that you can find them in the Guild Shop.


Base Stars:

Primary stat: STR

Evolution STR Growth DEX Growth INT Growth
? ? ?
★★ 4.8 2.4 3
★★★ ? ? ?
★★★★ 8 4 6
★★★★★ 9.6 4.8 7.2

Thanks to Azrell Gnear for additional numbers.


[1] Lethal Weapon [Magic]

Deliver a fatal blow to damage the enemies. [Magic Area Attack]

[2] Darkness Ignition [Physical]

Damage enemies with flame of darkness. [Magic Area Attack]

[3] Inner Beast [Buff]

Cast a spell on yourself and one of your soldiers to increase attack speed. [Self +1 Attack Speed Buff]

[4] Burning Power [Buff]

Your power increases. [Self Power Buff]



Opinions and Tips

Dmitry is difficult to make heads or tails of, is he a tank? A damage dealer? A support character? When I have him at full power I will do more research.Opinion by AzakaZero