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Emma always has her nose in a book. She reads all kinds of books. She's very smart, tenderhearted, and an overall nice person, but her military tactics and magic knowledge are one of the best. However, she was raised in a poor family so she couldn't read books as much as she desired and had to steal books from the noble library since she was a child. Allen met her during his journey and liked her unique knowledge so he requested her to join his crew by promising to let her read all kinds of books.

Special Abilities


Evolution Notes

Fast. Soulstones can be found in hero Ch.2 and hero Ch.5, both of which are relatively easy to reach. The last location, in hero Ch.12, doesn't really count since by the time you get there you'll have a full 5 star team anyway.


Base Stars:

Primary stat: INT

Evolution STR Growth DEX Growth INT Growth
1.5 1.5 3.2
★★ ? ? ?
★★★ ? ? ?
★★★★ ? ? ?
★★★★★ 4.5 6.1 9.8

Thanks to Azrell Gnear for additional numbers.


[1] Fire Burning [Magic]

Shoot a strong flame ball to give damage to the enemies. [Magic Area Attack]

[2] Ice-thorn [Magic]

Mace ice thorns rise through the ground to damage the enemies. [Magic Area Attack]

[3] Thunder Bolt [Magic]

Inflict electric shock to a random enemy to give damage and stun him temporarily. [Magic Single Stun]

[4] Boulder Shock [Physical]

Summon a boulder from the sky and drop it on to enemies to cause damage. [Physical Single Attack]



Opinions and Tips

Put Emma in your Event Battle team and watch her go to town. Thunder Bolt fires just as the battle begins, most likely stunning anything of the same level or below. If the following Boulder Shock doesn't finish the opponent then the subsequent Ice-thorn will. But if the enemy isn't dead after that then you're toast, Emma is a true glass cannon. Opinion by AzakaZero