Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the maximum number of <item> my bag can hold?

A: The maximum used to be 999 for each item type, so you could have 999 white potion, 999 Free Pass, etc. But after a recent update (Summer 2016) some item counts (Free pass, white potion) have gone above 1000 so we know it has changed, but not what the new maximum is, yet.

Q: How can I use a Guild Mercenary in my team?

A: Check the Mercenary section in the Guild guide.

Q: What are the effects of raising the three main stats? (STR, DEX, INT)

A: STR raises HP and physical defense. DEX raises physical attack and physical critical attack. INT raises magic attack and magic resistance. [1]


Q: What heroes should I be focusing on?

A: This is largely dependent on your play style, how far you have progressed, and so on. Check the Beginner's Hero Guide if you're a new player. Delve deeper into character skills and strategies via the Heroes Overview.

Q: Why can't I power-up my heroes to Gold+2?

A: The last item required for Gold+2 is not obtainable (as of 2016-05-23) therefore Gold+1 is currently the highest attainable power-up level.


Q: Why are comments turned off on the Wiki?

A: Your friendly neighbourhood admin (AzakaZero) wants to keep discussions and questions on the Official Heroes' Will Forums.