Item Upgrade


Main Weapon Upgrade

This feature becomes important once you have maxed everything else on your heroes. In the endgame, the only difference between two maxed characters is the randomly rolled attributes added to the main weapon.

Soulstone Division

This is pretty straightforward, you destroy soulstones you don't want or need and in return get Powerites and Prime Powerites. There's Normal Division and Prime Division, the former costs gold, the latter gold and crystals.

Prime division is prohibitively expensive, so much so that I've never attempted it myself, therefore I have no information on the increased chance to get Prime Powerites, but at that cost it better be god-like! Opinion by AzakaZero

Weapon Upgrade

This is where you spend Powerites to upgrade your heroes' weapons. A regular Powerite is worth 10 points, a Prime Powerite is worth 30. Below is a table of how many points you need to have a 100% chance of upgrading your weapon another step.

Current Weapon Level Desired Weapon Level Gold Required Points Required
0 1 20,000 80
1 2 70,000 200
2 3 120,000 800
3 4 170,000 960
4 5 200,000 1,440
5 6 250,000 1,840

Thanks to Kaart for the complete table.

You can attempt to upgrade at less than 100% chance if you can accept the risk of failure. +6 is currently the highest level a weapon can go, but if your character is not fully evolved you may be limited to even less.