This section will try to collect all hints of Future Content that we can find in the game itself, in developer posts, newsletters, and so on. This page is a continuing work in progress.

Future Heroes

Note that I have taken liberties with some names that were hard to translate and don't have any known official translations yet. I needed names so I made some up based on guesswork. Feel free to make other suggestions.


Char 0019 Gaav

KR Name: 가브 translates as "Gabriele" (phonetic "gabeu")

EN Name: Gaav

Notes: A Hero Skill video for this hero was posted on the international Heroes' Will Facebook page on March 4:th 2016.



Char 0020 Robert

KR Name: 로버트

EN Name: Robert

Notes: This is the gentleman with the fancy hat and monocle. You sometimes fight against him, and he's part of the "Conspiracy of the Dragon" collection.



Char 0018 Potes

KR Name: 포테스

EN Name: Potes



Char 0013 Ricardo

KR Name: 리카르도 translates as "Ricardo"

EN Name: ???

Notes: Ricardo is the same species as Epero, he can also be seen in the Korean Facebook page's feed.



Char 0012 Danbain

KR Name: 단바인 translates as Danbain 

EN Name: ???


"Pale Ben"

Char 0011 Paleuben

KR Name: 파르벤 translates as "Ben Parr" (phonetic "paleuben")

EN Name: ???



Char 0010 Nina

KR Name: 니나 translates as "Nina"

EN Name: ???



Char 0009 Kantuseu

KR Name: 칸투스 translates as "Khan Tooth" (phonetic "kantuseu")

EN Name: ???



Char 0008 Deuraego

KR Name: 드래고나 translates as "I deuraego" (phonetic "deulaegona")

EN Name: ???



Char 0007 Kaleunu

KR Name: 카르누 translates as "Carboxylic Press" (wtf?) (phonetic "kaleunu")

EN Name: ???



Char 0006 Ally

KR Name: 앨리 translates as "Ally"

EN Name: ???


"Lane Gardiner"

Char 0005 Lein

KR Name: 레인 가디네스 translates as "Gardiner Lane Ness" (phonetic "lein gadineseu")

EN Name: ???



Char 0004 Cecilia

KR Name: 세실리아 translates as "Cecilia"

EN Name: ???



Char 0003 Lawrence

KR Name: 커스 로렌스 translates as "Lawrence Caicos" (phonetic "keoseu lolenseu")

EN Name: ???



Char 0002 Nisiseu

KR Name: 니시스 translates as "Needle System" (phonetic "nisiseu")

EN Name: ???



Char 0001 Isillia

KR Name: 이실리아 translates as "Isil Ria" (phonetic "isillia")

EN Name: ???



Char 0000 Yom

KR Name: 욤 translates as "Yom"

EN Name: ???


Future Features

Hunting Field/Hunt Mode

Future feature food

Food items in inventory

This mode was accidentally enabled after a major patch in February 2016. It's similar to heroic mode but you collect various food ingredients instead of normal loot. In the accidentally released version you could run each location 10 times per day with no energy cost. This will most likely change when it's released. There was a shortcut to Hunt Mode from Ann's Restaurant named "Hunting Field" that implies that you will be using the ingredients to cook in the restaurant.


Collection Medals

Future collection medals

When you finish collections (under Quests/Collect) you are awarded medals that you can't spend on anything yet.




Dragon in video screenshot

Dragons have been hinted at in the monthly newsletters, there's also a dragon in several videos on Exactly where the(se) dragon(s) fit in (Guild Bosses or otherwise) is still unknown.


Guild War

Guild war was briefly mentioned in the March 2016 Newsletter, but no details were given.


Special League

Special League is "Coming Soon" under Battle Arena. It is also briefly mentioned in the March 2016 Newsletter.


Protection Potion Study

Future feature protection potion

Protection Potion Study in Guild upgrades

We still don't know what the fourth Guild Upgrade is for.


Guild Raid Bosses


7 Guild Raid Bosses

Here's a picture of the seven guild raid bosses that are available now on the Korean server. You can also see what team level you need to join.


More to come...