Princy banner


She gave up living in the heaven and loved Luke, a devil. Every time she got into a relationship with him, her appearance turned into like a devil. One of her wings started to turn black, and she also started to grow horns.

Special Abilities


Evolution Notes

Soulstones come from the Arena Shop so evolution speed depends entirely on your rate of success there and how often Princy's soulstones show up in the shop.


Base Stars:

Primary stat: DEX

Evolution STR Growth DEX Growth INT Growth
? ? ?
★★ 2.9 4.2 2.6
★★★ 3.8 5.6 3.4
★★★★ 4.8 7 4.3
★★★★★ 5.7 8.4 5.7

Thanks to Azrell Gnear for additional numbers.


[1] Sphere of Lucifer [Magic]

Give damage to the enemies by a striking storm that has been muddled up with sanctitude and darkness [Magic Area Attack]

[2] Dark Impact [Magic]

Give damage to enemies and stun them temporarily with a powerful spell attack [Magic Area Stun]

[3] Bless of the Light [Buff]

Temporarily increase your entire force's attacking, movement speed, and attacking power. [Team ATK Buff + Team Haste + Team Movement Buff]

[4] Wings of Lucifer [Buff]

Your heroes' dexterity increases. [Team DEX buff]



Opinions and Tips

Princy is primarily a support unit, group her with DEX-based heroes.Opinion by AzakaZero