William banner


William is the archbishop of Lydia Cathedral with warm personality. He uses white magic and leads his priests to protect the Cathedral from sudden attacks of the Veracis force.

Special Abilities


Evolution Notes



Base Stars: ★★

Primary stat: INT

Evolution STR DEX INT
★★ 3.6 3 3.9
★★★ 4.9 4 5.2
★★★★ ? ? ?
★★★★★ 7.5 6 7.8

Thanks to Azrell Gnear for additional numbers.


[1] Taboo [Magic]

Cast a sacred spell on enemies to damage and silence them. [Magic Area Silence]

[2] Atonement [Magic]

Cast a spell to damage and silence the enemies. [Magic Area Silence]

[3] Judgement [Magic]

Give damage to the enemies and decrease their skill power. [Magic Area Attack + Energy Debuff]

[4] Authority [Magic]

Give damage to enemies with a sacred spell. [Magic Area Attack]



Opinions and Tips

William's main utility is his two Silence skills. Apart from that he's not a bad area magic damage dealer, roughly on par with Richen.Opinion by AzakaZero