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Yuffy is a young, reckless girl who is from Neichel. She's the younger sister of Charlotte, who is a combat commander of Neichel Kingdom, but she left Neichel because of the monotony of Neichel's army life. However, she got caught by a human trafficking group. By the time she gave up, she was saved by Allen's help and escaped. Yuffy, who owes Allen her life, joined his crew. She actually has some affection for him as well.

Special Abilities


Evolution Notes

Slow. Soulstones are available in Hero Ch.2, but to open up a second source you need to get to Hero Ch.8.


Base Stars:

Primary stat: DEX

Evolution STR Growth DEX Growth INT Growth
2 2.4 1.9
★★ ? ? ?
★★★ ? ? ?
★★★★ 5 6 4.8
★★★★★ 6 7.2 5.7

Thanks to Azrell Gnear for additional numbers.


[1] Running Fire [Physical]

Shoot arrows consecutively swiftly to cause intense damage. [Physical Area Attack]

[2] Frozen Arrow [Magic]

Shoot an arrow with a freezing spell to damage and freeze the enemies. [Magic Area Attack]

[3] Shhh! [Curse]

Silence the enemies to disable them from using any skills. [Area Silence Curse]

[4] Good Luck! [Buff]

Increases attacking power of your entire forces. [Team ATK Buff]



Opinions and Tips

Yuffy has a really nice set of skills, she tends to be a little fragile, though. Opinion by AzakaZero